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Sessions are 60 minutes.

During Phase 1 of this new program, there will be limited training options, but per class fees will be lower.

All classes will be held indoors at uScore Soccer.


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Dribbling Skills


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Speed and Performance Training


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To register for a session, you will need to access the SELF SERVICE PLATFORM, either through the app, or through the website above.

When you use the Self Service Platform, you will log into or set up your Parent/Guardian account.

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Use the instructions below to create or link your children's account to yours.

Account Management

1 - Click on your Name. If the name shows your child, click on Relationships to make updates.

2 - Confirm that your Information is correct.

3 - Click on Relationships so you can link any family member accounts.

4 - Update your payment information.

If you have trouble, you can reach out to our front desk staff who can assist you.