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Providing a leg up, so others can put their best foot forward.


The uScore KickSave Foundation exists to provide resources and opportunities for individuals who couldn't otherwise afford to do so.


The number one reason that children don't participate in sports is financial. Sports participation is proven to increase a child's chances of finding a successful pathway in life. Rates of teen pregnancy and drug use decrease significantly for those who stay involved with youth sports.


uScore KickSave is primarily supported by funds raised and donated by uScore Soccer. uScore Soccer hosts day camps, tournaments, and other community events to spotlight key organizations or individuals who support the mission of the uScore KickSave Foundation. 

Where does the money go?

Funds raised go directly to support individuals and youth enrichment programs or events. uScore KickSave is a volunteer driven platform with no compensation paid out to organizers.

Causes supported by

uScore KickSave

The Tyler Spillman Memorial Scholarship Fund

Providing Scholarships for Continuing Education

The Kailee Mills Foundation

Saving lives one seat belt click at a time.


The end of child trafficking and exploitation. Nothing less.


Sharing with and caring for orphans around the world.


Bridging for Tomorrow

Making the local community stronger by investing in families and leaders.

Haitian Amputee National Soccer Team

Giving value and support to those with birth defects or injuries from civil unrest.

Agbu Foundation

Changing the lives of children in African Orphanages.

KickSave also participates in field days and fundraisers for Local Schools.

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Your gift can change a child's life forever.

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