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You probably don't want to work here.


Here's why:

  • You will be surrounded by people who do way more than expected, and you will have to learn fast and keep up. It's a lot of hard work!

  • We have very high expectations. We aren't looking for average people. We are looking for one of a kind Rock-Star level folks who want to over-achieve.

  • We are weird. We have ridiculous goals, we do way more than a customer would expect, and we care about others before ourselves.

If you have read the above, and you choose to drop off an application, here is what to expect:

Once a month, we will review the applications and send an email to those whose applications are excellent. We aren't always hiring, and you may be told to wait until the next opportunity.

Application Process

STEP 1: Download the Application

STEP 2: Complete the Application

STEP 3: Turn in the Application in Person

STEP 4: We Will Follow Up With You Accordingly

uScore is currently hiring summer camp coaches for 2024.

Your Coaching Journey Starts Here

Are you interested in coaching with uScore Soccer? We've got a plan for you.

What can you expect as a uScore Coach?

A Variety of Coaching Opportunities

Coaches will be eligible for team and skills class opportunities, camp options, as well as small group, and private lessons.

Support from Experienced Coaching Directors

Our team of experienced staff and directors will provide oversight and support to our staff coaches. They are available to help with session plans, team management items, and discipline issues.

Tools to be Successful

Be it online resources, coaching clinics or shared ideas, uScore Soccer has the tools to help you on your coaching journey. 


Your Referee Journey Starts Here

Are you interested in joining our team as a referee? We've got a plan for you.

What can you expect as a referee?

Professional Development

Whether you are a beginning referee or an experienced referee, our professional development program will prepare you for the referee role at uScore Soccer.


Referees who complete our in-house referee course are eligible for joining our team as a referee.

Orientation Course - All referees will complete this 60 minute orientation course which will prepare referees for the details associated with our leagues.


Front Desk / Concessions

Are you interested in joining our team as a member of the Front Desk / Concessions team? We've got a plan for you.

Positions Include

  • Team Member ($8.00 - $9.00 / hour)

    • Learn the basics of customer service, concessions, facility preparation and management. ​

  • Shift Leader ($9.50 - $11 / hour)

    • Lead the Team Members by modeling excellence in customer service and program knowledge. Oversee and direct Team Members to successfully complete facility tasks. ​

  • Manager ($12-$18.50 / hour)

    • Opening and Closing Shifts, Special Projects, Employee Training and Primary Decision Maker while on duty.​

Front Desk
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