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Lee Baker  |  Coach Lee is the Director of Soccer Operations at uScore and has been coaching youth soccer for over 20 years at the highest levels of play. He believes in creating a challenging environment where players are constantly active and enjoying their soccer. As a former All American, Texas Player Of The Year, and Youth National Champion, he has the ability to demonstrate the necessary technique to build a solid skills foundation.

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Ken Fogarty  |  Coach Ken has been brought in to serve as one of the Coaching Directors at uScore. His background in the game cannot be matched. He has coached MLS teams and National Teams and has coached players like Alexi Lalas and Stuart Holden. While his background is extensive in the professional ranks, his interaction with youth players is probably his biggest strength.

Jimmy O'Sullivan  |  Coach Jimmy has worked with many clubs throughout Houston since the 90s. He played professionally in England and Sweden. He brings a wealth of experience to the uScore Coaching Staff. Jimmy knows how to teach, and players will find his soccer perspectives unique and helpful.

Carl Fleming |  Bio Coming Soon

Matt Guidry  |  Coach Matt grew up in the Klein area and played youth soccer at the highest level. He went on to play Division 1 college soccer. In just a year with uScore, he has worked his way up to being one of our full time coaches. He has a passion for motivating and leading players to be successful, while guiding them in their soccer ambitions. His positive attitude and dedication makes him a versatile coach for players of all ages.

Paul Ketaner  |  Coach Paul is a great coach for beginning and advanced players. He has a unique ability to truly understand the player and focus in on what can help them excel. As a former top club player in the area, he can not only calmly explain what he is looking for, he can demonstrate those skills at a high level as a picture is worth a thousand words.

Kyle Read  |  Coach Kyle has grown into a favorite for many at uScore Soccer. He has a frim understanding of player development. He runs the Goalkeeper sessions, while also is a critical part of the skills class. He coaches several outdoor teams. Coach Kyle enjoys camping and a good soccer match. 

Sam Robinson | Coach Sam has been training players and leading teams since 2011. He has worked with players as young as 3, and has also trained college and professional athletes. As am established youth player, coach Sam know what it takes to reach high levels of play. He is passionate about the development of players and likes to push players to new heights. 

Keegan Bates  |  Coach Keegan grew up in the Klein area and played first division club soccer for Lee Baker and was coached by some of our own coaches here at Uscore like Ken Fogarty and Danny Baker. Keegan brings lots of enthusiasm and energy to his sessions. His understanding of the game, creative ideas and coaching style helps his players excel and improve their game.

Tyler Gonzales  |  Coach Tyler is a rising star at uScore Soccer. He works with the skills classes and coaches several teams at uScore Soccer. Tyler blends a firm voice with a compassionate approach to get the most out of his players.

Flavio Guzman  |  Bio coming soon!

Jo McCray  |  Coach Jo grew up in Dallas and played high-level club soccer throughout her youth. After her high school days, Coach Jo also played a few seasons of college soccer. As a goalkeeper for most of her soccer career, she is a great addition to the goalkeeper training classes at uScore. Coach Jo also manages several uScore teams. She has a big heart and a huge personality. She loves getting to know her teams and finding ways to help them achieve their goals.

Christian Scruggs |  Coach Christian is an incredible role model and mentor to the young ladies in uScore's program. Having been through the youth soccer journey, she is able to relate, guide, and connect to players. Coach Christian's joy for life and the game are contagious, and our players love her methods of positive reinforcement and repetition. She is passionate about building discipline, fitness, and self esteem in all players.

Josh Spore  |  Bio coming soon!

Cristian Garcia  |  Cristian grew up in the Klein area, playing club soccer at very high levels. He brings a great deal of playing experience to our player. We are excited to add another staff member who can demonstrate explosive and creative attacking moves. As a former D1 college player, and semi-pro player, he knows what it takes to reach the highest levels of play.

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